CHINA The fastest growing healthcare market in the world.

Suzhou Frankenman is always interested in expanding its product range and is actively seeking, both by internal Research & Development programmes and formation of distribution relationships with leading international companies, to leverage its strong market presence. Contact for more information.

Suzhou Frankenman markets its products internationally via its sister company Frankenman International Ltd., a Hong Kong based sister company. Frankenman International markets our products under and operates through a rapidly growing and successful distribution network that now spans the globe.
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Suzhou Frankenman is a modern, efficient and well managed organization focused and committed on the care and safety of the patients upon whom their products are used. Our credo of í░When you put patientsí» health first, remarkable things happení▒ are not just empty words!

To live up to that ambition Suzhou Frankenman have created an organization that is focused on quality and have achieved the highest international recognition but being awared CE and ISO 13485 Certification from TUV Products in Munich, and more recently the award of ISO 9001:2000 for its management systems from TUV Management Systems in Munich. Remarkable achievements.

Our manufacturing facilities are constructed and managed to international standards. Full clean room facilities, from 10,000 to 100,000 reflect the highest standards of care and commitment to total quality management.

Suzhou Frankenman has created a successful, professional and respected distribution network in China, and more recently, by the formation of Frankenman International Ltd in Hong Kong, in International markets, that competes with the best in the world...and wins! Their team of 25 directly employed Sales Managers and Product Specialists supports and manages a network of specialist distributors, whilst keeping close and regular contact with all key opinion leaders in a wide range of surgical specialties.

Research and Development - Committed to the Future
Suzhou Frankenman have invested in creating a Research and Development program that rivals any international organization in the healthcare sector.
This diligence has led to the creation of portfolio of patents currently numbered at over 25 domestic and international patents granted and applications.
Domestic and international partnerships have be formed with leading academics and institutions focused on improving core products as well as developing new technologies that create opportunities and value in global market places.
Key areas of research include:
Laparoscopic Stapling Devices; Novel Anastomotic Techniques; NOTES; Surgical Adhesives; Visualisation Technologies; Bariatric Surgery

OEM Opportunities
Suzhou Frankenman can offer international developers and manufacturers access to their facilities and expertise